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Wanna RP? Just post


in the groups comment box then post adventures about your you and other people from the land of Ooo.

How do you post your adventures?

Just go to the top of the page and go to were it says 'Submit a Blog Entry' and go from there!

BE A CO-FOUNDER OR A CONTRIBUTOR just tell me that your interested and help me get more members!

If you have any questions please ask Amberanime1 or other Admins



Name: Aro
gender: girl
personality: stubborn, sarcastic, outspoken, sly, confident
animal: cat named scourge (from warriors)
weapon: silver dagger&silver bow and arrows

:iconamberanime1: Shine (female)

hates when people call her a boy or dude but she loves adventure and not afraid to pick a fight.Also she loves her pet (shape shiftier) her name is spirit
Description long dirty blond hair sea blue eyes mix with a little hazel mixed in. tan. always has on T-shits and jeans

Weopon:giant hammer >: D


Name: Straen
Gender: None
Personality:Straen is Awesome, and he likes to help people. He also likes to kick people's asses, so these to likes in particular tend to clash, and gave rise to Straen's personal motto: "Sometimes the best way to help 'em is to just kick their ass." He's likable regardless of his violent side, and would do anything for a friend ( Which with his Sword of Pure and Unfathomable Awesomeness....... quite alot. ) Straen also cool, ( He has a silly side though too.... ) and likes to hang out more than anything else. Keep in mind though: His definiton of "hanging out" is more like Hell Raising Metal Jams, Cut-Throat Sparring, ( Play Fighting... know, not to really hurt anyone. and running / grinding, flying, ( On his Sword of Pure and Unfathomable Awesomeness like a hover board, of course... ) and swimming at breakneck speeds in Totally Awesome Races. ( He also enjoys Eating and Chugging Contests ^.^ ) That's about it for Straen, he's not much of a ladies man, ( On account of his violence and general unapproachability -.- ) he hates lasagna, loves all other foods, LOVES salty and spicy foods, ( ...and twice as much if their salty AND spicy ) and is a very loving guy.
Animal: Raven
Weapon: Sword of Pure and Unfathomable Awesomeness

Name: Ray castille
Gender: male
Personality: totally epic
Animal: kitteh~
Wepon: two katanas

Name: Mellie
Gender: Girl
Personality: Cheerful and kickbutt
Animal: dog, named Lulu
Weapon: Bow and arrow!

Name: Glist
Gender: Male
Personality: patient, mysterious, optimistic, and multi-talented
Animals: baby owl (male) and seal (female)
Wepon: magical lyre that doubles as a bow and arrow
Description: Long flowing sea foam green hair, bright blue eyes, a necklace with all the elements on it, and a pale blue silk robe with a cotton lined hood

name: kenga (k-A-ng-uh) malory (m-al-O-roy)
gender: male
personialty: is a clever teen, who enjoys archeology, history, study of magical artifacts, and, on occasion, kicking some butt!
anmial: none
weapon: The Dragon Ring
fun fact: he found the ring while exploring an acient temple
jucy fact: he is PB's EX (because of this finn doesen,t like him at all)

Name : Kami
gender : female
personality : sweet, kind, perky, a little crazy, lover of soup.
animal : cat

:iconamberanime1: Spirit (female)

shy and afraid expect when near Shine and brave when it comes down to it.
shape shiftier

:iconxenoscepter: Wyrden (MALE)

a raven thats named Wyrden, and he has the ability to see the future, lift incredibly heavy loads with his feet, and can create a howling snow tempest with his wings. Plus, he has a horrible habit of predicting people's death on an oddly frequent and accurate basis.

:iconemeraldcloud1: Artemis (female baby seal) and Leonardo (male owl)

Artemis has the ability to change her color and change into wild animals. Artemis is very talkitive and exciteable. While Leonardo can fly anywhere and read minds. His personality is shy and calm. Although they fight regularly they music of Glist's lyre always brings the fight to a stop.'

Gallery Folders

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Finn Wearing His Like Sweater by statewee
Finn da Human for santalb by acid-burn895
Finn and Fionna by BlitzKreg-Trixie
Jake by VenettaButcher
Cake and Jake by acpadilla
Jake ppg by Xcoqui
other adveture time chariers
Adventure Time ::Commission:: by RainbowPaige
It's Mystery Time by OmniscientRhino
Ice Queen- Adventure Time by Morigalaxy
Say Cheese by Morigalaxy
your adventure time chaiters
ice king
Marceline-I'm Just your problem by Morigalaxy
Marceline by Zakeno
Marceline : ADVENTURE TIME by Ria-tan
Marceline by Watertae
BMO-catch your controller by Morigalaxy
112a Rainy Day Dream by CleverAvian

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ilooklikelolipop Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016
Name: Ryuko Yamashi
Gender: Male
Personality: Usually Calm, Somehow Brave, Serious 
Animal: Young Asian Dragon
Weapon: Double Katana
SkullzArt Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name:Roxie Callahan
Personality:Brave, Cunning, Positive
Weapon: Dual-Wield Daggers
Companion:Gonzo the Fwolf (Fox+Wolf)
candyffloss Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Personality:funny, emotional, hateful, shy at first, holds grudges, insane sometimes, doesn't really think things through
animal:giant red and white snake with black ram horns
weapon:pistols, rocket launchers, and any other firearm
Pirate-Kai Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Name- Kai. 
Race- Elf.
Gender- Female.
Personality- Shy, quick, clever.
Animal- None.
Weapon- Magic.
DerpySlurpy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist
Name: Lemonthief

Gender: Female Lemon Person.

Personality: A quiet, serious perfectionist with a short fuse, but has a soft spot for animals.

Animal: A Marshmowl (Marshmallow Owl) named Malik.

Weopon: Two Katanas.
InsainCat1111 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Pepper

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun. Loving. TOMBOY. Loves to create weapons and to tech stuff even though she's good at making tunnels. Loves to explore too. She is very friendly with guys and understands them, but she likes other girls in that special way >uo

Animal: Not really one. She is half human and half ground elf.

Weapon: Shovel and what ever she has in her hand or makes. She is a skilled fighter
Ask-Palmla-Woods Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Palmla Woods process of the grasslands
Gender: female
Personality:playful, loves the outdoors, friendly,  shy, very mannered but can also be a rowdy cool girl.
Animal: she doesn't have a pet but she does have her best friend Nova the wolf girl
Weapons: since she's a earth elemental she can control undergrowth, plants, and costuming the way she looks. But in a similar way to flame princess if you mess with her undergrowth she creates she does get hurt.
Cats-In-Middle-Earth Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Name:  Sierra the DragonRider
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, funny, artist, animal lover, crazy at times.
Animal: Black DSH cat named Jane.
rexauras Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Name: Prince Barballair Blunthercrawl (Digital Prince)
Gender: male
Personality: outgoing, musical, flirty, funny, cool
Animal: he doesn't own any animals
Weopon: abilities that help him control digital things like computers, robots and anything else digital.
Pirate-Kai Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Name- Kai
Gender- Female
Personality- Shy at first, Cunning, Quiet.
Animal- Shadow creature (I call her Shina)
Weopon- Ebony dagger c:
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